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Free Stars as Los PARANOIAS

Free Stars as Los PARANOIAS
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David Stampone, God of Thunder. This was taken on the roof of the Guild movie theatre (now, sadly, a furniture store) to commemorate the anniversary of the Beatles' rooftop performance recorded for the movie, "Let It Be."

David Stampone has an encyclopedic knowledge of rock. Any music nerd is bound to be humbled by this awesome mind. Trouble is, David will impart everything he knows about a certain subject to anyone who will listen. Ask him a question and the answer can go on for hours (or pages).

A mutual friend of ours coined the term, "Stamponed" to describe the typically verbose encounter with David. As in "I asked my professor about the Bay of Pigs and I got totally stamponed with all this stuff about the Cold War and the fall of European Colonialism."

Date: 2001-05-17 02:25:07

David Stampone San Diego

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